Fall 2021 Residential Student Transportation Update


  • Parking permits are available to order starting August 3rd at champlain.thepermitstore.com and cost $175 per semester.
  • Reminder that first-year students are not permitted to bring a car to campus unless a waiver has been granted PRIOR to coming to campus. See the details at champlain.edu/firstyearparking.
  • All residential student parking is at Lakeside Avenue (with the small exception of Zone 5 which requires pre-application). 
  • There are two sections at Lakeside…
    • 115 Lakeside Avenue (100 spaces in two long rows) and 
    • 175 Lakeside (133 spaces in the rear half of the lot). 
    • If the 175 rear half is full, exit the lot and go to 115 Lakeside entry. 
    • If you park in the front half, you will get tickets for “Non-Permitted Zone”. 
    • See attached map showing the two sections (in yellow).
  • Lakeside is the ONLY place you can park between 8am-4pm Mon-Fri. 
  • You are welcome to park your car around main campus after 4pm and on weekends but you must remember to move it back to Lakeside by 8am each weekday. 


  • The Lakeside Shuttle resumes service Sunday August 15th for early arrivals (such as RA’s, OL’s, PA’s etc) and will operate from 10am-8pm
  • Between August 16-25 will be one shuttle each day from 7am-6pm
  • August 26 and 27th will have special move-in day shuttles all day
  • The weekend of August 28-29th will have one shuttle each day from 8am-8pm
  • Regular two shuttle service begins on August 30th (the first day of classes) and will service Lakeside, 194 Saint Paul Street and Main Campus on a continuous loop.
  • We are currently working on a plan to upgrade our GPS system to be a little more 21st century, with greater flexibility for drivers to swap the units over anytime they need to use a different bus and with a predicted arrival time feature to better help you predict when the bus will be there next. 

GMT City Bus

  • Still operating and still free to ride.
  • Buses have reverted back to the “old” system of route numbers and destinations. For example, the Red Line has gone back to being #1 – Williston.
  • Track any of the GMT buses in the system, see the routes and stops here or on the “Transit” app.

Greenride Bikeshare

  • Phase 2 has launched with 200 bikes
  • Entire fleet are now electric-assist bikes (making the rider quicker and easier!!) and double the number of hubs.
  • 3 new hubs close to Champlain at Finney Quad, Saint Paul St (in front of Juice Amour) and in front of DPW at Lakeside Avenue!!
  • Annual Campus Plan costs only $39 for Champlain students (only 75 cents per week!!) which includes 30 minutes of ride time per day. After that a per-minute fee gets added so ride wisely.
  • Super excited that with the hubs at Lakeside and 194SPS you will be able to use bikes to get back and forth from main campus, Lakeside or 194 Saint Paul Street easily.


  • Secure, indoor bike parking is still available in Juniper, Butler and 194 Saint Paul Street (and Pearl has a rack in the basement laundry room too). See the details here.
  • Most other bike parking around campus is covered to keep your bike out of the weather. Check on your res hall porch or close by. There are plenty of racks. 
  • Make sure to LOCK YOUR BIKE with a U-Lock around frame AND front wheel, not just a cable. There has been an uptick in bike theft lately. 
  • There have been lots of new bike lanes, paths and other improvements over the last year or two so BRING YOUR BIKE!

Long Distance Travel

  • Megabus.com will resume service between Boston and Burlington starting Friday August 27th…just in time for upper-class students to catch it for move-in for all those folx traveling light. They will then be operating weekend service (Fridays and Sundays) through the end of the year and beyond so would be great for booking break travel early. Additional service may be added later too (such as Thanksgiving). We anticipate this will be helpful for those that fly into Boston and need to get up to Burlington from there. 
  • Amtrak Vermonter has resumed service and is available for upper-class move-in for those traveling from DC all the way up through NYC and the I-91 corridor. For travel from now through October 31, 2021, tickets are 20% off.
  • Vermont Translines has resumed service and is available for upper-class move-in for those traveling from Albany, NY, Bennington, Rutland and Middlebury.
  • Greyhound has also resumed service and is available for those traveling from Albany, NY. It seems that they are not doing the direct to Boston route at present.
  • Flixbus will be starting a BRAND NEW service in September. Another super affordable option available for the Boston-Burlington trip. Flixbus has routes all over the country and now one to Vermont. Plus they take sustainability seriously!
  • In case you weren’t aware, the main Port Kent to Burlington ferry on Lake Champlain is not running this year at all, so if planning a trip from west of Champlain, you will need to use one of the other ferries or Crown Point bridge.
  • And remember that Go! Vermont helps you compare costs, routes, and schedules for bus travel between several New England/New York cities. There is a great regional travel map here (page 3).