Eco-Reps Pilot Sustainability Micro-Endorsement

This year, the Center for Service and Sustainability, the Leahy Center, and the SMART Space launched a pilot of Micro-Endorsements, a new opportunity for Champlain undergraduate students.  Micro-Endorsements are a credential to demonstrate a particular skill set to be highlighted on a student’s digital resume or LinkedIn profile. As a non-credit-bearing credential, Micro-Endorsements are a “value-add” to students and do not cost additional tuition dollars. 

The three Micro-Endorsements are  Systems Administrator,  Sustainability, and Master Tutor as part of a collaboration with the Centers of Experience.  This Spring semester, SMART Space employees, Leahy Center employees, and Eco-Reps will Learn, Do, and Showcase their skills.  

The Sustainability Micro-Endorsement includes five competencies, that were adapted from those developed and outlined in the EFS Rubric from Shelburne Farms:

  1. Understands communities; Knows systems within human and natural communities: I work with others to improve our campus/community.
  2. Knows cycles of human and natural communities: I contribute to care of the built and natural environments of the campus/community.
  3. Understands interdependence of human and natural systems: My choices and actions reflect my understanding of how our plants, animals and people affect and depend on each other.
  4. Feels ability to make a difference: I take action to improve the quality of life in our community that helps natural and/or human systems.
  5. Feels connected to place and community: I analyze what I observe on my own to guide my behavior; I learn from connections between my communities and others; my actions demonstrate understanding of how we are/have become a community and ecosystem.

Champlain College student Eco-Reps learned about a variety of sustainability topics through regularly attending weekly meetings, worked as peer educators throughout the semester, and showcased some of their learning through a presentation to the entire Eco-Rep team called “Sustainability in Your Field”. These presentations brought together sustainability and the students’ major / field.

Hanna Blankenship ’24 Law & Business Administration: Sustainability in the Legal Profession

Adam Dionne ’21 Game Art & Animation & Erin Oakley ’23 Game Art & Animation: Sustainability in the Game Industry

Cecelia Dukes ’24 Accounting: Sustainability in Accounting

Emma Florez ’23 Professional Writing: Sustainability in the Magazine Industry

Brigid Florian ’24 Creative Media: Sustainability in the Publication and Design Workforce

Quincy Gomes-Cedeno ’24 Game Programming: Sustainability in the Field of Computer Science

Angie Morales ’22 Law: Sustainability & Law

Silvanna Najri ’21 Marketing: Sustainable Marketing

Lizbeth Reyes ’23 Visual Communication Design: Sustainability in Marketing

Kiley Stearns ’23 Marketing: Sustainability in Psychology

Sawyer Zundel ’23 Computer & Digital Forensics: Sustainability in Cyber Security & Digital Forensics