Seeking volunteers for VT telehealth nonprofit

My name is Lia Rubel and I am a rising sophomore at Emory University from Barre, VT. I am the Vermont lead for the nonprofit Telehealth Access for Seniors, and I am looking for college students to join the Vermont volunteer team. 
Given COVID-19, most medical practices have switched to a telehealth model where doctors connect with patients via video chat. Unfortunately, many elderly patients lack the camera-enabled devices necessary to attend these appointments. To help solve this problem, we collect old smartphones, tablets, and laptops for elderly patients so they can receive care for chronic conditions while avoiding the risk of infection. We also created simple and easy-to-use guides for how to set up devices, how to use FaceTime to connect with friends and family, and how to order grocery and pharmacy delivery. We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit comprised of college and high school students. Through our network of 125+ student volunteers, we have donated 750+ devices across 26 states. Please feel free to look at our website  ( for more information. 
I would love to expand the volunteer network in Vermont so we can support the White River Junction VA, which urgently needs 100 devices. Volunteers would help spread the word and seek device donations through social media, service organizations, and news outlets in Vermont. Additionally, volunteers would help collect, reset, and sanitize the devices at their homes before sending them to the White River Junction VA. Would you be willing to share Telehealth Access for Seniors with Champlain College students to see if anyone would be interested in volunteering this summer?  If people are interested, please have them contact me at 802-505-8213 or
Best, Lia Rubel