🌼 Celebrate Spring with VT Land Trust: virtual events, nature education, local food

Even in the midst of uncertainty, spring is arriving. Cardinals are singing, silver maples are blooming, wood frogs and peepers are calling, bluebirds are flitting around yards, and pussy willows are bursting out of their shiny buds. “What a comfort it is to be in nature, where spring is happening despite it all,” writes VLT’s Liz Thompson. 

We’re excited to introduce our first virtual events lineup! Plus, we have fun nature articles, backyard activities for the whole family, a food guide to support our farmers during this time, and recent conservation successes.

We wish you all health, safety, and the solace of nature.

Virtual Events

Tours, webinars, films, & more

Stay grounded during this pandemic while learning about Vermont’s natural landscape and connecting with us from your home. We’ve got exciting tours, webinars, and films waiting for you!

Northern White Cedar | April 20, 1 pm

The northern white cedar is not only a long-lived tree, but its medicinal uses have earned it the name tree of life. Learn about this evergreen, its ecology, and how to manage it.

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Wetland, Woodland, Wildland | April 29, 2 pm

Join book authors Liz Thompson, Eric Sorenson, and Bob Zaino as they discuss the new edition of Wetland, Woodland, Wildland.

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The Gift of Land Access During a Global Crisis | May 1, 2 pm

Author Mirna Valerio will lead an interactive workshop on responsible outdoor recreation as a means toward community health and resilience.

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Wildflowers in the Woods | May 5, 11 am

There’s a short window for sunlight to reach the forest floor and call up wildflowers. Learn how to identify these early bloomers, and where to find them.

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Estate Planning Workshop for Women | May 13, 10 am

Identify what matters to you, and learn to craft an estate plan that ensures your wishes are carried out after you’re gone.

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Exploring Wetlands, from Lakeshore to Summit | May 20, 11 am

What are wetlands and why are they important? Learn more about these soggy places in a webinar designed for all ages

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Wetlands: Restoring Vanished Landscapes | June 3, 11 am

Wetlands have historically been drained or filled for development, but they’re a huge asset to both wildlife and humans. Learn how VLT is replanting and recreating these essential habitats.

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A Land Ethic for Our Time: Virtual Film Screening & Discussion | June 18, 6 pm

Missing the movie theater? Join us to watch Green Fire, an award-winning documentary about conservationist Aldo Leopold. Post-screening, we’ll discuss how his work applies to Vermont today.

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Monitoring Ash Trees | July 22, 1 pm

In this training for foresters, you’ll learn to monitor and manage ash trees for the destructive emerald ash borer. Bonus: earn continuing education credits.

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👉 We’re still adding to the lineup, so be sure to browse our events and sign up. We can’t wait to connect virtually! 

All Events

Food for Thought | While you’re at home

Farmers are creatively serving Vermonters by making local food available safely. Here’s a place to start exploring the full range of options available across the state.

Farm-fresh food

Looking for backyard activities for spring afternoons? Now is a great time to see birds coming home and insects emerging from winter homes. Backyard bingo anyone? Download PDF here!

How to play

Our friends at Vermont Fish & Wildlife says it’s time to put away bird feeders here in Vermont. Bears are waking up after their winter naps and they’re hungry: watch what can happen. You can also check out our other videos.

Bear video

What’s that sound you hear in the woods in the spring? Wood frogs! Why are pussy willows fuzzy? Dip into our Nature Nuggets to learn more about Vermont’s outdoors. Great for kids!

Nature nuggets

Spring brings birdsong, vernal pools, and rushing rivers. It also brings the chance to explore the woods, and stumble onto a wetland that didn’t exist some years before. Nature Journals offer up these reflections on Vermont’s rivers and forests.

Nature journals

Recent Successes | A family farm & a haven for wildlife

Bill and Liz Orr conserved their family farm — making it the 20th conserved farm in Orwell.

Fifty-four species of birds, 27 species of mammals, and eight species of reptiles and amphibians — that’s how many species of wildlife Allen Yale has spotted on his award-winning woodlands.

More stories

Stay in Touch | #StayGroundedVT

Who’s that? That’s Auvergne. She lives on VLT staffer Carl Powden’s farm in Johnson. And she decided to try a new look!

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Stay safe, stay grounded, be well 🌄

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