Register now! Resilience VT Conference 2019 – June 7-8 at Norwich Univ.

I’m excited to announce that the online registration for the 2019
Resilient Vermont Conference is now open. You can find more information
about the conference and register here: We want YOU there, and
Saturday is serving as the our annual CROs gathering for all teams!

Come to the 2019 Resilient Vermont Conference to be part of the
conversations toward solutions to help build powerful, achievable
actions for a stronger and more resilient Vermont, and beyond. These
sound like buzzwords, I know – but what we’re trying to do with this
conference is to shift the conversation from buzz words into concrete
actions in Vermont (the wonderful place of community and collaboration
for many of us) and beyond (where we’re looking for more actionable
strategies, regional coordination, and network alliances, yes?!)

This interactive event will bring together LOCAL LEADERS, COMMUNITY
AND OTHERS. It will be a great opportunity to get your voice heard and
to come together to take steps toward a more concerted RESILIENCE
MOVEMENT. Join us for two full days of inspiring talks, deep
discussions, success stories, and new tools for more resilient land,
water, energy, people and community.

Please circulate widely throughout your networks – we’re planning a lot
of special events and need your participation to make this conference
come alive. More information online and below.

Sending all my best, and I hope to see you there!


Mindy Blank
Executive Director
Community Resilience Organizations
Vermont faces a rapidly changing climate, evolving hazards, and a host
of pressing challenges. We are already Vermont Strong, but tackling
these means we’ll need to get stronger together — finding solutions
that break down silos between issues and topics, cross boundaries and
jurisdictions, and offer multiple benefits to our communities, our
people and our environment.

The second Resilient Vermont Conference will bring together state and
community leaders, agencies, organizations, municipalities and
businesses. Together, we’ll explore new strategies for a Resilient
Vermont — strategies that cross the boundaries of land, water, energy
and people. This interactive 2-day event will include a mix of inspiring
speakers, thought-provoking sessions, tangible tools and examples, and
time to network and build connections.

Friday is geared toward professionals, with an emphasis on defining the
challenges and promising statewide approaches, emerging tools and
strategies tools, case studies of what’s working on the ground, and a
“hazard hackathon” — a chance to put heads together and create
solutions on the spot.

Saturday is Community Day, geared toward community organizers and local
CROs Resilience Teams. Join us for The Extreme Event Game — an
inspiring role-playing simulation; practical sessions on leadership
development, project funding, community outreach; a resilience fair and
multigenerational keynote.