6 week UVM Summer Herbalism course

SL ENVS 195: Plant-based Healing Medicine

Offered both Summer and Fall 2018

Environment, Health and Healing Concentration – Food, Land, Community Concentration

Certificate in Integrative Health (IH)

Open to Community Members; VSAC Funding Available to eligible applicants!

Summer: 6 weeks starting May 23rd: TR 1-4:45pm – SPACES AVAILABLE! (Fall section is full)

Join Community Herbalist and Co-founder of Spoonful Herbals and  RAILYARD Apothecary & Clinic, Katherine Elmer, to explore the historical perspectives of Herbalism, as well as its present-day context within both the realms of complementary/integrative and Western allopathic biomedical medicines.  The sustainable harvesting, preparation, and storage of herbs are covered, in addition to specific herbs as support for specific organs or systems of the body.  “Weed walks” to view medicinal plants growing on the UVM campus is included, as well as time working in herb gardens.  Additional trips include RAILYARD Community Apothecary and Clinic and Rock Point’s medicine plant-rich land.  Guest speakers include area herbalists, gardeners and integrative health practitioners such as Brendan Kelly, LAc and Bindu Pannikar, PhD.

This service-learning course engages students as contributors to local community herbalism efforts to provide affordable, local, plant-based medicine for all members of our community.  Buy local, eat local and HEAL LOCAL!!!

“I have great faith in the power of herbal medicine to heal not only people, but also culture, species, and ecology. 

It’s really pretty simple: we need plants in our lives. Even only a little bit. 

And once their green tendrils begin to grow in our hearts, like the first pea vines of spring, there is no turning back. 

Thank goodness – thank greenness.”

– Guido Masé, Vermont Herbalist and author, The Wild Medicine Solution

Recent Podcast with Instructor, Katherine Elmer:

A Worldview Apart: Plant Medicine and Place-Based Healing, with Katherine Elmer

Katherine Elmer, M.S.

Educator and Childbirth Mentor

Lecturer, University of Vermont Program in Integrative Health

Clinical Herbalism – Whole Foods Nutrition – Sustainable Leadership





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“I love myself. the quietest. simplest. most powerful. revolution. ever.”

— Nayyirah Waheed