Parking on Friday (April 15) for Admitted Student Day #2

First, thanks to all who vacated the Lakeside parking lot early on 4/1.  It made a BIG difference in ensuring the Admitted Student Day got off to a good start.  I am writing this morning with the same request; just for a different day… 
This Friday & Saturday (April 15 & 16), the College will again be hosting the second of two Admitted Students events.  Our Admissions/Enrollment team again anticipates a large turnout, approximately 650 students/families.  Many will be arriving mid-afternoon (3pm+/-) Friday and have been instructed to park at the Lakeside lot (where they will take a shuttle bus to campus for late afternoon/early evening activities and reception).
In order to ensure our guests arrival is as enjoyable and stress free as possible, we need to provide adequate parking at the Lakeside lot .  If possible, I encourage all staff who park at Lakeside to work from home Friday afternoon. If you can’t work at home, then enjoy an early (3PM) closing. Regardless, the goal is to have the Lakeside lot available for our guests by 3pm Friday.
If you are an hourly employee and are working on April 15th, please enter your “out” time as the time you actually finish working for the day.  For all regular employees (not students), the People Center will add the additional hours up to your regularly scheduled end time. If you are scheduled to be on leave for April 15th, then there is no change needed as the whole day will be charged to vacation, sick or personal time.
Thank you in advance for your cooperation in making the Admitted Students event a success.   
John Caulo
for Champlain Transportation