Results from our Annual Trash Bash

This morning a few Eco-Reps and friends of Sustain Champlain conducted our annual Trash Bash waste sort.  Using approximately 34 pounds of trash pulled from the IDX compactor (and originated in CCM and perhaps a res hall) we sorted and pulled out items that could have been recycled, composted, or disposed of in other ways.  Sadly to report, less than half of what was thrown out in the “TRASH” was actually trash.


We want to note that this was a relatively small sample size, but is still pretty telling that when we find soda cans in the trash that we still have work to do.  Also, we often find a lot of disposible coffee cups on campus. Did  you know that there are discounts for using a refillable mug around campus? The Campus Store in CCM offers a discount for their Speeder & Earl’s coffee of $.50 off with any mug and $1 off with a Champlain mug. Zime offers a $.99/refill with any reusable cup for their coffee – which is all fair trade certified.

Special thanks to our friend Corey, who pitched right in to help as he was passing by.