Summer Parking Starts May 11th

The Parking and Transportation Committee has approved a plan that employees can park on campus again this summer, free of charge, starting May 11th.  There will be some restricted days, see below.  All employees may park in any zone 3 or 4 lot, metered lot or legal street space with a campus permit.  Any Champlain College permit is valid this summer, but you must have oneKeep your current permit on your windshield or if you do not have one please register your vehicle by ordering a free Zone 1 permit at

In order to make this possible, there are a few exceptions and things you need to know:

  • Summer parking STARTS MAY 11th. Until then, it is parking like during the academic year (ie parking in the correct zone, using the shuttles etc). If there are faculty members attending May Collaboration that need a temp permit for medical for family reasons, please email
  • Sometimes lots will be reserved for Event Center guest groups, and you will be required to park further away.  Get familiar with the parking map at Please honor any signs when you see them so we don’t have to adjust the plan.  Some days will be heavy and lots will be full.  Watch for Event Center emails.  Many days will be easy!
  • There may be a few days when you will be asked to park at Lakeside and shuttle in.  On those days, we will provide an additional shuttle bus. Feel free to contact the Event Center if there is a day you want more information about.
  • Parking will be enforced, tickets will be written, and towing will be enforced as marked at the lots.
  • Starting Monday May 4th, One shuttle will run on the continual loop from Lakeside to Aiken from 7am to 6pm, Monday to Friday. Don’t forget about CATMA’s Guaranteed Ride Home program in case you miss the last shuttle.
  • There will be a second shuttle operating during rush hours from 7-9am and 4-6pm.
  • Residential Students may park on campus at night and on weekends, but are still required to park at Gilbane on weekdays and use the shuttle.
  • Radiography students with a Zone 5 permit will be required to park at North House lot, not Boardman Hall, during daytime hours.
  • Visitors and Event Guests will still need temporary visitor permits.  Employees can order temporary visitor permits at for their guests (see more below).   Large Event Center groups will shuttle in.
  • Metered lots (MIC and Summit) will be turned off for the summer, effective May 11.
  • Sanders Hall lot is not available for any parking.

We anticipate that for Summer 2016 it will be completely different, and there will likely not be any on campus parking, due to planned events. More on this next year.