International Service opportunities with Learning Enterprises

My name is Lulu Mikula. I am a first-year student at UVM and one of the Marketing Interns for a 501(C)(3) international nonprofit called Learning Enterprises. Learning Enterprises sends college students all over the world to spend the summer teaching English in under resourced areas. This year, we will also be conducting virtual teaching programs in countries that will be unsafe to travel to due to COVID-19. This year we have programs in Panama, Brazil, Hungary, Romania, Croatia, Poland, Mauritius, Mongolia, and Thailand. We also charge no program fee, so participating in our programs is extremely affordable.

Please let me know if you have any questions, or if you want more information!

Kind regards,

Lulu Mikula

Learning Enterprises

Lulu Mikula / University of Vermont Marketing Intern / 630-777-6886
Learning Enterprises
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