End-Poverty 2018 Summit – Nov. 16

My name is Marc Blumenthal and I am Executive Director of the Social Ventures Foundation. https://www.socialventuresfoundation.org/ We are a nonprofit, nonsectarian 501 c 3 organization, focused on identifying, promoting and facilitating the investment in startups and businesses that have products, services or job programs that sustainably lift the livelihoods of the poor at the “Bottom of the Pyramid” worldwide.

Given that your focus is social entrepreneurship, we would like to extend an invitation to you, your faculty and students to register for the Social Ventures Foundation’s EndPoverty Virtual Summit on November 16 from 9 am to 2 pm EST https://www.socialventuresfoundation.org/endpoverty-summit-17 Please refer to our 2017 Summit to see some of our past presenters.  We will be updating the 2018 presentation list shortly.

This event will allow students to hear real case studies from around the world by some from the most cutting-edge social entrepreneurs who are focused on sustainably lifting the livelihoods of the poor. Any of your students and faculty who are passionate or curious about social ventures and entrepreneurship will find this Summit “the place to be”.  

Registration is free but since we are extending this invitation to over 100 Social Entrepreneurship programs at Universities worldwide, we must set a limit of 3000 registrants on a first come first served basis.  We will be able to offer your University 30 free Summit passes, (Additional registrants will be waitlisted))


Please encourage your students and faculty who want to attend to register as soon as possible using this link:


We would also like to invite any of your students, currently enrolled or graduated, who have developed an outstanding pre-commercial or commercial social venture that sustainably lifts the livelihoods of the poor, to submit an application to present their case study at the Summit on November 16.  We will be selecting up to 5 students to make their presentations alongside many professional social entrepreneurs who are scaling outstanding social ventures focused on the “Bottom of the Pyramid”.  The best University submitted social venture will not only receive an EndPoverty 2018 Startup Award but will also be published in our PovertyWatch Newsletter.

Please ask student case study presentation applicants to use this link: https://goo.gl/forms/pNj7RebhNdbjzxqA2

Finally, I will be asking Artin DerSimonian, our EndPoverty Summit Enrollment Manager to reach out to answer any questions you might have.

Many thanks,

 Marc                             Artin

Marc Blumenthal                                Artin DerSimonian

Executive Director                              EndPoverty Summit Enrollment Manager