Fall 2015 Transportation Update

Here is the Fall 2015 transportation related summary…

  • Both on campus shuttle stops are moving! Starting August 31, the Lakeside, Late Night and Weekend Shuttles will pull into the CCM promenade and pickup/dropoff right in front. The Spinner Shuttle will move slightly down the hill on Maple St to the wooden bus shelter. Both shuttle locations will be visible from the nice warm (or cool) lounge area of the CCM building which will be awesome! Dont forget you can track exactly where a shuttle is at shuttle.champlain.edu.
  • Need a car? Champlain College covers the annual membership to CarshareVT for students and employees and one car is located in our Perry Hall parking lot. Visit champlain.edu/carsharevt for details.
  • The ChampRiders Cruise – a weekly social bike ride happens each week. This is an open invite to all students and employees to join us sometime! See details at champlain.edu/bike/champriderscruise
  • All Champlain employees and students can ride any city buses for free, anytime, anywhere. Just swipe your ID card on the bus. See champlain.edu/ccta for details
  • Dont forget to visit catmavt.org to sign up for all sorts of great commuter benefits and programs or get commuter information.
  • Starting in the end of August, the Transportation Office will be located in the ground floor of the new CCM building. Stop in, say hi and ask any transportation questions you have.
  • Finney Quad promenade is a fire access lane and is enforced 24/7. Parking in Finney Quad (even for one minute) anytime day or night will lead to possible tickets and towing. Last semester, emergency services couldn’t access a building because of a student car parked in the way. This is a huge safety concern. Perry Hall parking lot is also enforced 24/7 as is needed for Visitors to the Admissions Office at all hours. Parking there will get you tickets day or night.
  • Students who live at Spinner Place and who order a Zone 2 parking permit are automatically enrolled in the Guaranteed Ride Home program which gives you FREE taxi rides back to Spinner or your vehicle anytime the shuttles are not running. Visit catmavt.org for all the information. This is not eligible to be used when shuttles are running or to go other places such as downtown.
  • Residential students who are enrolled in the Radiography program, Education Majors or who work past 11pm at least one night per week (verification required), can apply for the Zone 5 – Boardman Hall parking permit. This is sold on a first come first served basis and spaces are limited. These spaces are reserved for these permit holders 24/7 as they may finish a shift at 3am and need a safe, secure location to park. Anyone using these spaces any time of the day or night without a Zone 5 permit will be subject to tickets and towing.
  • Perry Hall, Skiff Hall, Boardman Hall parking lots, Finney Quad and all reserved spaces are enforced 24/7. Parking there will get you tickets day or night.