Metta Earth Leadership Training (VT)

Re-post from Metta Earth:

Are you passionate about social change, movement-building, sustainability, and social justice?


Interested in building hands-on skills in permaculture, homesteading, ecovillage planning, ororganic farming?


Want to explore your inner strength and leadership through yoga and mindfulness meditation?


Looking for an opportunity to get outside and reconnect with nature on a much deeper level than ever before?  Interested in ecopsychology and learning primitive wilderness survival skills?  Yearning for a solo Wild Quest in nature?


Join us for a Metta Earth Leadership Training igniting our generation to bring forth a thriving, just, and sustainable world!  This year, Metta Earth Institute is holding four themed leadership training programs:


Social Change Leadership Training May 24 – June 6

Permaculture Leadership Training June 14 – 27

Yoga Leadership Training July 12 – 25

Wilderness Leadership Training August 2 – 15


Some background information:

While each training has a different focus, all take a holistic approach to transforming the rampant environmental and social justice issues facing society today.  We do this by providing young people with the knowledge, skills, and experiences to be effective leaders back in their own communities. While each training will primarily delve into the main theme of the leadership training, every program will offer participants the opportunity to:


• Develop transformative leadership skills to help grow and accelerate the ‘movement of movements’ emerging in our time
• Experience community life on a deeper level through immersion in an intentional community.
• Build specialized skills through hands on learning in organic gardening, animal husbandry, natural living, foraging, whole foods cooking and preserving, and farmstead lifeways.
• Balance active learning experiences and classes with the contemplative practices of yoga and meditation.
• Reconnect, energize, and gain new perspectives in the mountains of Vermont.
• Learn to create events that help to spark change and enliven community life.
• Be inspired by skilled guest presenters and faculty.
• Catalyze change by putting these skills and knowledge into action.


In the past, we have partnered with universities to allow students to earn independent study or internship credits in exchange for taking course(s).  This is an option that may be available at your school.


For more information and specific information about each session, please visit: or visit our Facebook page.
If you are interested in attending this training, please contact  Also, please feel free to share this opportunity with others you think may be interested.