CSWD Seeks Marketing & Communications Manager (VT)

CSWD Seeks Marketing & Communications Manager

You are one-part media mastermind, one part data analyst; equally comfortable in front of a camera or behind a desk. You are a wordsmith with a passion for good design, and you enjoy being part of a team that gets things done. You’re committed to reducing your own waste and helping others do the same. You are a persuader, not a preacher; your ideas are big (but your ego isn’t). Your enthusiasm for public engagement is exceeded only by your patience with same.

CSWD is seeking a full-time Marketing & Communications Manager to develop, launch, and evaluate integrated multimedia marketing campaigns that identify and educate targeted audiences about our mission, facilities, and programs, and encourage them to reduce waste, reuse more, and recycle better.

Applicants should have a Bachelor’s degree or higher in communications, marketing, or a related field, and bring 4+ years prior experience in a professional setting. The ideal candidate possesses advanced skills in Adobe Creative Suite applications, a working knowledge of WordPress, and a solid understanding of web design, website architecture, and SEO. This individual demonstrates a practical knowledge of data analytics and budgeting, excellent problem-solving skills, and an understanding of best practices in digital and social media marketing. Candidates must possess strong organizational skills, the ability to prioritize, and an insatiable urge to tip sacred cows.

Competitive compensation with excellent benefit package.

To learn more and apply, visit www.cswd.net/jobs
Deadline: December 28.