And the winner of the 2016 Kill-A-Watt Challenge is…

Whew! After a busy month, I am ready to announce the winner of this year’s Kill-A-Watt ChallengeKill-A-Watt logo

So!  Drum roll please……………….

The winner of the 2016 Kill-A-Watt Challenge is: 371 Main St!

371 Main Street residents racked up their scores by a combination of energy savings (a 16% reduction!) and event participation.  So now, 371 Main St. residents, it is up to you to plan how you want to spend your winnings.

An honorable mention goes to Cushing Hall, who actually made the most energy savings.

Three cheers to our top energy savers*:

1. Cushing (19%)
2. 371 Main Street (16%)
3. Bankus (10%)

*figures were based comparing the weekly average of KwH usage in February 2016 and the first week of school in the spring semester (January 25-31, 2016).

Three cheers to our top participation point earners:

1. Bankus Hall (66 points)
2. 371 Main St. (64 points)
3. Hill Hall (58 points)

All told, this year we saw an average of 3% decrease in electrical usage across main campus buildings. Seventeen buildings saved between 1-19%, two buildings stayed exactly level, and  four buildings actually increased usage (between 1-5%).    Using a simplified formula (with a base of $.12/kwh) we calculated that we saved over $2,700 worth of electricity during February. These savings will be transferred to student scholarships this year.

Each building’s final scores can be seen at