Way to Go! Challenge – May 4-15

Reclaim Your Ride!

Join the Way to Go! Smart Trip Challenge from May 4 through May 15, 2015! During this annual event we encourage you to ditch your car for ANY trip and bus, bike, walk, telecommute, or carpool and recapture your time. You’ll log miles, compete to win cool prizes, and have fun – all while saving money and helping the environment.

Champlain College has signed up and we encourage you to participate. Last year we had 128 employees sign up, which gave us over 20% participation. Let’s up that to 30%!!

Sign up at: https://waytogovt.org

We could win a Carbon Cup trophy—that coveted award that has graced the halls of AllEarth Renewables, UVM Medical Center, Vermont Sustainable Jobs Fund, and others.

We hope you’ll join us, and most importantly we hope you’ll have some fun.

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